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I was searching for restaurants online to do my next critique. As a food critic its my job to find different places to eat. Most restaurants don’t have a full menu online and if they do it is hard to read because it looks nothing like there actual menu.
A friend of mine told me about AC Menu Guide which not only had the actual menus that you would see in the Restaurant online but also some photos of the dishes. As a food critic was this a huge find!
I'm now able to read full menus clearly with all the jazz like I'd see in the actual restaurants plus there are some great photos of certain dishes which are specialties or maybe a dish a Restaurant is popular for.
AC Menu Guide is a place where I can go and decide which is the next Restaurant I'd like to critique. I get an instant feel of what to expect food wise when I walk into any of the restaurants listed up here.
I not only use it as a food critic but highly recommend it to families and couples that are not sure where they want to go when they go out to eat.  How great to sit in the comfort of your home and just browse through menu after menu of all types of restaurants for any type of taste buds. It saves the consumer time and allows them to make the choice before even leaving the house.
With AC Menu Guide you no longer have to walk out of a restaurant because there was nothing on the menu that caught your eye or gave you that mouth watering feeling of what that first bite would taste like.
Its not only a benefit and convenience for the consumer but a must for restaurants old and new. When your into food as a critic or a customer just looking for a great meal menus become like the album art you look at before listening to the songs.
AC Menu Guide is an innovative way of bringing this new form of Art in the food world into your home.. Now which menu will win the grammy not only on looks, feel and taste but also on quality and commitment to its consumers..

I just came across this site from the Veterans website, great idea, I’ve already been here over one hour just looking at menus.
Robert Johanson

I live here for more than 20 years and went to East Bay Crab & Grille for the first time. I found them here, thanks, great food and atmosphere.

I love the large menus, I can finally see them and enjoy reading them. This is a site I really like, thanks
Ocean City NJ

I found the cheese board on this site, thank you, I loved it and will tell my friends...
American Legion Wife

What a unique site, job well done. I discovered Linwood bagels here, love them.

I also can’t say enough about these Big Menus, I actually love reading them

A real find, I can actually read the menus and enjoy everything about this site...

I found Frankie’s on this site, great pizza and love these menus...

I second the comments made by Freddie, I myself love checking out menus. Famous Dave’s looks great, I was never there but now have to go, I love ribs and my mouth is now watering. Thanks


Finally, menus I can actually see and enjoy. Wonderful great job done on this site, I’ll pass it on to my to all my buddies. I’m so happy I found it on the veterans site.

American Legion

a big hi five to the webmaster of this site for the great idea of oversized menus. My eyesight isn’t what it use to be. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy surfing these menus, I’m having a ball. thanks
Al from Margate

I discovered Famous Daves because of this site, thanks, I loved it there and will try some others from here.
American Legion

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